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2008-03-13 16:11:45 by mariopeach

Finally the new smash bros is out. all I have to say is why the heck did Nintendo put it back SO long. In japan they only put it back one week. but here in America 3 months. I got a copy and have all the characters now. I`ll give you a cheap hint, do tourney,2 characters per match,32 people. Do the tourney and it adds a lot of brawls to your brawl count and you can do this a lot and unlock all the characters,this is what I did my SSBB friend code is 3093-6730 4880. look at this page and tell me your friend code on SSBB.



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2008-03-13 16:18:08

It's not out here yet :(

mariopeach responds:

Yes it is I got mine at 12:00. gamestop held a special Mar 9


2008-09-13 13:20:00

hey gotta a question
do u kno how to unlock wolf


2010-02-26 08:20:19

i have ssbb all cleared
and in the nederlands its for $50